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“ Asato ma Sadgamaya Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya Mrutyor ma Amritamgamaya ”


"Lead me from the superficial to the worthy,

From darkness to light,

From stagnation to zestful life" 

 -Brahadranayaka Upanishad ( 1,3,28). 

Addl.Director General

Major General
 C P  Singh
Addl.DG, NCC Dte(K&L)
Cadets Details



Notification GCA Selection- For Ex-NCC Girls Cadets

Govt Orders - GCA Selection

Promotion JS/HC

Transfer of employees

Promotion - SS/Manager

TBHG Applications - Directions

Posting of Accounts Officer

Interview ANO- Postponed

Arat @ Tvm

Minutes Redressal Forum

Govt Orders

Election 2015

Guidelines TBHG

Special Cell - TBHG

Creation of Special Cell-TBHG implementation

Promotion JS/HS

Dept Audit Programme (Oct, Nov, Dec 15) 

Provisional Seniority List Sr.Clerks

IMG - Training Team Building 

Minutes of Grievance Redressal Forum 

Best Institution - Trophy 

Best NCC Unit - Trophy 

Bio Data   for Joining in Air Wing

Requirement - Driver for VSC 

Gov. Orders/Circulars 

Quotation - Sign Board 

Appointment - LGS to Clerk/Typist 

Transfer of Employees

SMSK - Appointment 

Promotion Clerk 

Ratio Promotion Driver 

Appointment Attender - Promotion 

Selection Of Cadet - Youth Exchange Programme 

RDC 2016- Detailment -Clerk 

Transfer- Clerk

Sadbhavana Diwas 

Non Allotment of Fund - International Yoga Day

Final Seniority List - Category Change -LGS to LDT/Clerk 

Rank List - BSc Nursing & B.Pharm Courses 

Circular - NCC Official Website 

RDC - Detailment Safaiwala 

Clerk- Promotion

Grievance Redressal Forum Meeting 

Interview Date- Admission BSc Nursing and B Pharm 

Cadre Strength 

Budget Proposal 2016-17 

Relieve Order - Sri. Abdul Nasar 

Condemnation Board 2013-2014 

Rank List - Polytechnic Admission 2015

Ratio Promotion Driver 

Training on Record Keeping 

JS/HC Promotion

Audit of NCC Camps 

Intensive Verification of Appointments 

Half  Yearly Strength Report

Ratio Promotion - JS 

Interview Date- Admission Polytechnic 

Category Change 10% LGS to LDC/LDT - Provisional Seniority List 

Attender By Promotion- Volunteers Called for 

Phased Expansion of NCC- Emp of Ex-Service 

Ratio Promotion -Driver, Cancellation of Order 

Transfer -SMM 

Typist - Promotion 

Category Change - LGS to LDT/Clerk

Guidelines - Identity Card 

Admission Bsc Nursing & B Pharm  2015

International Yoga Day- ADG Message 

Revised NCC Quota- Polytechnic Courses 

Minutes of Meeting- Grievance & Redressal Forum 

Expeditious Settlement of Pension Claim 

Admission -Professional Degree Course - Amendment 

 MBBS -NCC Reservation 

Promotion &  Posting -  SS / Manager

Promotion & transfer - HC/JS 

Admission -Polytechnic 2015  

Ratio Promotion - JS 

നേപ്പാൾ ദുരിതാശ്വാസ  നിധി  

Ratio Promotion -LGS 

Ratio Promotion - LGS Cancellation of Promotion List 

Circular- Safety of Electronic Equipments

Minutes - Grievance and Redressal Forum 

IMG Training - Newly Employed Clerks 

Office Automation - Data Entry - Establishment Module

Office Automation -User Manual 

Authority to Sign Pension Documents - Clarification 

Transfer of employees

IMG Training - Departmental Test - SC/ST Employees 

IMG Training - Official Language Malayalam 

Promotion and Posting - JS/HC

PG - Diploma in e-Governance

GO & Circular 

Admission Professional Degree Courses - Rank List 

Promotion Clerk 

Intensive Verification of Appointment 

Relieving from duties - Sri. Balachandran P

 Promotion - Sri. Jyothi N

Category Change/Promotion 10% - LGS to LDC

Intensive Verification of Appointment 

Cadre Strength 

Violation of Conduct Rule 

Office Automation- Data Entry  

 Family Benefit Scheme 

Office Automation- Data Entry  

Settlement of Pension Claims 

Dual Family Pension 

Selection of Girl Cadets- Expdn to MT Everest 

Promotion - Typist 

Directives- NCC Camps & Courses

Dual Family Pension 

 Laxity in Operating NCC Camp Accounting

Minutes of Grievance Redressal Forum 

Promotion Senior Clerk - Performa 

Proposal For Financial Sanction 

X Pay Revision - Urgent 

Transfer 2014 

Administrative Officer - Sri. M S Bijukuttan 

Half Yearly Strength Return  

എൻ സി സി - പുതുതലമുറയെ വാർത്തെടുക്കൽ  

Detailment of Civ Staff 

 Office Automation - Urgent 

Office Automation- Data Entry 

Chart of Duteis 

RTI -  Assistant State Public Information Officer 

അംഗവൈകല്യം സംഭവിച്ചവർക്ക് സർക്കാർ ജോലി - മിനിമം പെൻഷൻ  

Condemnation of  Stores 

Enrollment  forms

Details of Employees  

State Training Policy 

Implementation of  NPS - Mobility of employees

 Pension Claims - Instructions Of AG

Leave Travel Concession - Guidelines

Release of Initial Allotment  

State Of Computers & Peripherals 

Office Automation- Data Entry

Office Automation - Data Entry

Guidelines for claiming Kitting allowance & scholarship for Cadets

Private Building taken on Rent-Modified Order 

Identity Card Application Form 

Office Automation - Data Entry 

Pensioners Identity Card

Office Automation-Data Entry-Monthly Expenditure 

Office Automation- Data Entry
Budget Estimate- Data Submission 2014-15
HBA- Eligibility Condition 
Police Verification- Proforma 
Grievance Redressal Forum 
Dual Family Pension


Upcoming Camps

Ncc in Kerala