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“ Asato ma Sadgamaya Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya Mrutyor ma Amritamgamaya ”


"Lead me from the superficial to the worthy,

From darkness to light,

From stagnation to zestful life" 

 -Brahadranayaka Upanishad ( 1,3,28). 

Addl.Director General

Major General
B Chakravarty
Addl.DG, NCC Dte(K&L)
Cadets Details


  Appointment - LGS

Relieving from Duties- Sri. Mohana Krishnan 

Promotion to Snr. Clk- Modification 

Resignation- Sri. Moideen Kutty 

State Of Computers & Peripherals  

Office Automation- Data Entry

Typist - Promotion 

Sri Shanavas- Working arrangement


Relieving- Sri. Gopakumar V V 

Office Automation - Data Entry

Guidelines for claiming Kitting allowance & scholarship for Cadets

Admission Professional Degree Courses- Interview date 

Acquiring of land for NCC units 

Appointment- LGS- TVM 

Complaint Committee- Sexual harassment in work place

Constitution - Complaint Committee 

Minutes - Grievance  Redressal Cell 

Circular- Recording of ACR 

Final Seniority List- JS/HC 

GO and Circular

Grace Marks- Diploma Examination 2014 

Appointment SMSK- Order Cancelled 

Promotion-  Typist 

Grace marks- SSLC/THSLC 

Private Building taken on Rent-Modified Order 

SSLC/THSLC Grace Marks- Modified Circular 

Surrender of Savings 

Category Change- UDT to Snr Clk 

Details of OBC employees 

Transfer Policy

Printing of Forms & Registers 

Final Settlement of Claims- HOA 34 OC (NP) 

Details of PH Emp & Viswakarma Emp

GO & Circular

Disciplinary Action -KCS&CCA Rules 

Redeployment of Staff- Nedumkandom Unit 

Recommencement NCC Activities - Urgent 

Grace Marks - +2/VHSE Modified Order 

Grace Marks - SSLC, Modified Order 

Grace Marks- +2/VHSE 2014 

Grace Marks- SSLC/THSLC

Admission Professional Degree Courses 2014 

Issuance of Financial Directives  

Identity Card Application Form 

Ratio Promotion- JS 

Dept Audit Programme - Jan, Feb Mar 14

 Office Automation - Data Entry 

Monthly Reconciliation- Treasury Voucher 

Departmental Audit Programme

Store Purchase Manual 2013 

Timely Reconciliation -  Expenditure

Pensioners Identity Card

Budget Estimate-Data Submission  

Office Automation-Data Entry-Monthly Expenditure 
Office Automation- Data Entry
Budget Estimate- Data Submission 2014-15
HBA- Eligibility Condition 
Police Verification- Proforma 
Grievance Redressal Forum 
Dual Family Pension
MED/ENGG Rank List 2013- NCC Quota

Upcoming Camps

Ncc in Kerala