Information In Detail About Ano’s


1.   The following are the authorisation of ANOs in various Wings/ Divisions:-



One ANO for every 160 Cadets (1 coy)



One ANO for every 100 Cadets (1Troop)

One ANO out of 50 cadets ( ½ Troop)



One ANO for every 200 Cadets


Air Force

One ANO for every 200 Cadets



2  ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS. Following are the eligibility conditions for selection of 


ANOs :-        

(a)  Should be a permanent /regular teaching staff of the institution.

(b)  In case of temporary teaching staff, a certificate is required to be rendered by the  Head of the institution stating that the candidate will likely to be  made permanent and will be retained in service for a minimum period of  three years, in original.

(c)  No discplinary/vigilance case is contemplated/ pending against the candidates.    

(d) BothMale& Female candidates, should not be below 21 years of age or  above  42  years of age as on the last date for receipt of application.       

(e) Should be citizen of India or Nepal.

(f) Should bear a good character.

(g)  Should be medically fit.

(h) Should not be member of any communal party.      

(i)   Should be a member of the teaching faculty.     




Chairman - Vice Chancellor of University/Director of Public Instruction/Dy DG.

Members   -

1. One Officer representative from all  Wings(i.e Army,Navy and Air Force)                                           

2. One Lady representative from Women’s College.     

3. One representative from Higher Education Dept.      

4. One Independent from Area/Sub Area HQ(Normally detailed from this Directorate) (Note :- The Selection Board is normally  conducted once in year)   




On completion of the selection, the  board proceeding is forwarded to Directorate General NCC, New  Delhi, for approval    within  one month from the date of the selection board. On  receipt of confirmation/approval, the  same will be communicated to concerned  Group HQ for further dissemination to unit/ sub unit level for necessary action by  the latter. The course vacancy   for Pre Commission course is  demanded on the basis of selection.


5.   COMMISSIONING.        


(a) On completion of the Pre-Commission Course for three months (for Males)  at OTA, Kamptee/for Women at OTA,Gwalior/ for Navy at Seamen ship  School,Kochi and for  Air Force at AF Station, Thambaram, mandatory documents are to be forwarded to the state NCC Directorate by  unit  concerned duly recommended by the  intermediate  Group HQs.

(b) On receipt of the documents and after due scrutiny, they are forwarded to Directorate General NCC,New Delhi with the recommendations by the Dy Director General of the state, for grant of NCC Commission.

(c) The power to grant of commission is vested only with the Director  General NCC, New Delhi.




The conditions for promotions are as under :-         


(i)  Third Officer to Second  - Min 3 yrs service & Refresher course-I   Officer & Equivalents  

(ii)   Second Officer to  First     - Min 8 yrs service & Refresher course-II

      Officer & Equivalents          

(iii)   First Officer to Chief  - Min 15 yrs service & Refresher course-III

Officer & Equivalent           


(i)   Lt to Capt &Equivalents - Min 8 yrs service & Refresher


(ii)   Capt to Maj &Equivalents - Min15 yrs service & Refresher





Dy DG will place the ANOs on  supernumerary list  for a  maximum period of two years and beyond two years, approval is required from HQ NCC on a  case to case basis due to:-          

(a)   For two years in case the ANO is proceeding on study leave,long leave  or is posted away to perform other duties and had been permitted to  maintain a lien with the organisation,while serving as ANO OR on being surplus as a result of  re-  organisation of the NCC.

(b)    For one year in case the ANO is transferred to other institution where  there is no NCC or no vacancy exists.       




The commission will be relinquished/de-commissioned in the following occasions:-         

(a)   On attaining  the age of 50 years of age for males and 52 years of age for females.    

(b)   Service no longer required due to withdrawal of NCC sub-unit.      

(c)   Rendered surplus due to transfer of ANO and no vacancy exists.   

(d)   At own request.

(e)   On dismissal/removal from the teaching staff.        

(f)   On Disciplinary Grounds. In the following disciplinary grounds the ANOs   will be discharged/relinquished his commission:-  

(i)   When the ANO fails intentionally to attend the

Re-fresher-cum-promotion course for more than two chances.         

(ii)   When fails to pass the Re-fresher-cum-promotion course for two chances.                                           

(iii)    When the ANO is involved in any major disciplinary case(s),which adversely affects the NCC activities as well as the morale of  cadets.   




Extension of service beyond 55 years of age and up to 58 years of age may be made, provided the concerned ANO, fulfils physical,medical & ACR criteria.Director General NCC,New Delhi alone will exercise this discretion by granting one year extension at any one time.The eligibility conditions for grant of extension are as given below :-

(a)   Should have attained High & Above Average grading in the last ACR.      

(b)  Recommendation will be strictly on a selective basis, for the following  reasons:-          

(i)  A trained replacement has not been selected in time.        

(ii)  No suitable person is available to be appointed as a Caretaker.          

(iii) The institution is unable to provide a suitable substitute.    

(iv) Is medically fit(Certificate from a classified Medical Specialist will be rendered).         

(v) No disciplinary /financial case is pending/contemplated against the ANO.  

Note:- 1. Extension is granted by HQ NCC for which all requisite documents are forwarded to  HQ NCC duly recommended by all intermediate HQs in the chain.        

2. Extension will be obtained prior to completion of terms and conditions of the ANO for  relinquishment/discharge.

3. Extension could be sought irrespective of the rank.




(a)  Commission may be re-granted for those ANOs who were

de-commissioned earlier while attaining the age of 42 years; if recommended by the Dy  DG state.     

(b)  For re-grant of commission, the candidates have to undergo all selection board formalities.

(c)  In case the individual is applying for re-grant of commission with in one year of  his relinquishment of appointment  as ANO, there is no requirement for him to re- appear before the selection board and all requisite documents duly recommended by OC unit/Gp Cdr and State Dy DG be forwarded to HQ NCC, New Delhi for re-grant of commission. However, it is a must to fulfil the eligibility condition required for selection of ANO.




A caretaker will be appointed in absence of ANOs in a particular institution due to the following:-         

                 (a)  The ANO proceeds on study leave/long leave.

                 (b)  The ANO is posted away for other duties & is permitted to maintain a lien with the  org.

                 (c)  The ANO is transferred to another Institution.




12.   The authorities empowered to accord approval for appointing caretaker(s) are:-          

                                (a)   Dy DG NCC - 1 year for first time.       

                                (b)   NCC HQ - Beyond One year and for max of two years (including one year as  above)

Note:- In case the institution and OC unit fail to select/ appoint a candidate within two years of Caretaker appointment, the institution will be placed under suspended animation for six months, thereafter, the vacancy will be withdrawn and re-allocated to other waitlisted institutions with the concurrence of HQ NCC.   




13.   Min age of caretaker should be 21 and upper age limit is 60 years. No age relaxation is permissible.   

14. Should be a member of teaching staff in the institution.      

Note. Should undergo a training capsule of two weeks duration under the arrangements of concerned NCC unit before appointment as a caretaker. However, this e training is exempted for retired NCC officers.  




15.     Duties of caretaker are as under :-

        (a)   He will assist the unit staff for enrollment of cadets.

        (b)   He will assist the unit PI staff in organising institutional training for cadets to the extent possible.

        (c)   He will ensure that proper and adequate safety precautions are taken during  training/ camps

        (d)   He will ensure that maximum No of cadets attend NCC parade and will maintain the attendance register.

        (e)    He will be responsible to submit attendance parade regularly to the unit through the PI staff.




17.    Respective units are maintaining all ACRs in respect of ANOs except Senior Division/Wing.      

18.    ACRs with ‘OUT STANDING’ grading are required to be reviewed by the Dy DG.