NOTE: Laid down Norms, Guidelines and Eligibility Conditions require to be fulfilled to avail the benefits/ incentives. For details contact : The Publicity and Liaison Officer, State Wing and ‘P & C’ Branch, NCC Directorate ( K&L), Thiruvananthapuram-695010.

                                                                                                                               BY CENTRAL GOVERNMENT

                                                                                                                       BY THE KERALA STATE GOVERNMENT

                                                                                                                                     OTHER FACILITIES

                                                                        CONSOLIDQATED LIST OF INCENTIVES PROVIDED TO NCC CADETS BY CENTRAL GOVERNMENT

                                                                                                           COMMISSION IN ARMED FORCES AS OFFICERS


•     32 vacancies are reserved in each regular course of IMA for ‘C’ Certificate holders, irrespective of position in merit, subject to passing UPSC examination and clearing SSB interview.     

•     NCC Special entry scheme for SD Wing graduates, in OTA in age group 19 – 25 years, with   50% marks, through DDG of States for direct interview (SSB) every year . The Cadets are exempted from CSD examination conducted by UPSC.    


   •     Up to nine (09) vacancies per course for direct entry commission in Navy are reserved for NCC “C” Certificate holders of Naval Wing with BSc( Physics & Maths ), in the age group 19 – 24 years and have cleared the SSB ( these cadets are excepted from CDS examination of UPSC)


   •     Pilots courses . 10 % of vacancies for direct entry for each Pilots courses for NCC “ C ” Certificate holders of Air Wing without UPSC Examination.

   •     Other Branches 10 % vacancies are reserved in each other branch for NCC “ C ” Certificate Holders of Air Wing without UPSC Examination.

§  Military Nursing Service   

 One seat is reserved for BSc (Nursing) course and 24 for probationer Nursing Course for NCC trained girls , possessing G - 2 Certificate in order of merit.             


Recruitment in the Ranks in the Defence Forces

§  ARMY          

            Soldier GD category  Bonus marks is awarded on total marks scored in physical and written examination.

                  For NCC “ A ” Certificate - 5 %

                  For NCC “ B ” Certificate - 8 %

                  For NCC “ C ” Certificate -10 %     

            Soldier Tech / Clk / SKT / Nursing Asst  Bonus marks will be based on total  marks obtained in written examination.

            As Above for Soldier Category     


            Weightage of marks for recruitment is as under :-


                                                    DIRECT ENTRY                        APPRENTICE

                                                         SAILOR                                   ARTIFICIER

                   (i) Certificate “ A ”              2                                            5

                   (ii) Certificate “ B ”             4                                            10

                  (iii) Certificate “ C ”             6                                            10


                Under mentioned marks are added to selection text marks of certificate holders :-

                   (i) Certificate “ A ” (Part I)                 2

                   (ii) Certificate “ A ” (Part I & II)         3

                   (iii) Certificate “ B ”                            4

                   (iv) Certificate “ C ”                            5


§  Para Military Forces

            3.    Incentives provided by Paramilitary Forces are :-




        Additional marks to certificates holders for recruitment in BSF :-